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The one where Kiwi visits his children - Budgie Planet - Season 1 - Episode 5. Bigger family, happier family - Budgie Planet - Season 1 - Episode 6. Double Trouble (First Secret Revealed!) The RAREST Blackface budgie mutation EXISTS! (learn everything about it)

Show / The Ultimate Guide to Feeding Budgies, Canaries and Finches Aviary birds are among the most beautiful and enchanting pets you can own. They are playful, affectionate and entertaining, and with the dazzling array of colours they display, it’s no wonder they’re so popular with bird lovers worldwide. The title aviary birds covers many Wanted: Blackface Budgie Kitchener / Waterloo 19/03/2021. Looking to buy Blackface Budgies. Please let me know if you are selling blackface budgies or know a breeder who is. Thank you The Dominant Grey budgerigar mutation, often called the Australian Grey or simply Grey, is one of approximately 30 mutations affecting the colour of budgerigars.It is the basis of the Grey-Green and Grey standard varieties. What is a blackface budgie?

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102 votes, 14 comments. 28.8k members in the budgies community. I would love to have a blackface but I would also love for them to be called something else. Mar 21, 2019 - A red budgie, the dream of every budgie breeder The answer is very clear: If you try to breed red budgies, you will go mad.

Andra färgmutationsfaktorer inkluderar grå faktor , yellowface , blackface , skiffer , violett faktor , saddle och clear . Varje faktor påverkar ett annat färgschema 

Check it out! Rare Budgie Types. Very occasionally a new potential variety of budgie emerges from the gene pool.

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Blackface budgie

english show young mix €19. english show budgie pair €50.

Blackface budgie

Imight have a blackface budgie by: Anonymous hi i was reading your story on coalface and though how interesting i have on like this but hes more like blackface if you like i can send you a pic if you like thanks Rodney: Jun 13, 2011 Rating: coal face by: Didier Mervilde Hi, 2011-11-10 2021-03-22 102 votes, 14 comments. 28.8k members in the budgies community. A subreddit about budgies what did you expect???
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Jul 3, 2014 - Information and pictures of a very rare, if not extinct, variety of budgie - the Blackface. Top 7 Rare Budgie Mutations - Black Face Budgies - Rainbow Budgies - Clearwing BudgiesIn this video, we have share top 7 rare budgie mutations. These include A blue blackface without darkfactor is showing a considerable darker blue colour as is seen in normal cobalt blue Budgerigars. In grey blackface speciments without darkfactor, a comparable darkening of the bodycolour is observed as opposed to normal grey birds. In green blackfaces the same phenomenon has been observed.

In addition, the gular spots are blue, or violet, while the body has light-colored ripples with black plumage. The mutant ‘feather-duster’ budgie. by Andrew Lamb Nora the mutant budgerigar.
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Opaline budgies are easier to find than some of the rare varieties, such as the blackface. Opaline budgies are lighter colored and the overall effect is that of a brighter colored bird. Another way to distinguish this variety from the normal budgie is to look at his wing markings. On a green budgie…

english show budg w wing €50. english show budgie crest €90 .