An exchange instruction exchanges the contents of two registers, two memory locations, or a register and a memory location (although some processors only have 


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2021-03-14 · An instruction register holds a machine instruction that is currently being executed. In general, a register sits at the top of the memory hierarchy. A variety of registers serve different functions in a central processing unit (CPU) – the function of the instruction register is to hold that currently queued instruction for use. This register holds the memory addresses of data and instructions. This register is used to access data and instructions from memory during the execution phase of an instruction. Suppose CPU wants to store some data in the memory or to read the data from the memory.

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Register register instructions

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Register register instructions

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A register may hold an instruction, a storage address, or any kind of data (such as a bit sequence or individual characters). Some instructions specify registers as part of the instruction. For example, an instruction may specify that the contents of two defined registers be added together and then placed in a specified register.
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instruction register[in′strək·shən ‚rej·ə·stər] (computer science) A hardware element that receives and holds an instruction as it is extracted from memory; the

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