Slang för kronor (pengar). - Önskar köpa denna snusdosa. - Ja, tack det kostar 45 pix. - Här är pengarna. - Ha´re bra. - Tack och adjö. Saturday, August 25, 2012 


Fordom gick Skrill under namnet Moneybookers, skada gick de över till deras aktuell namn Skrill som faktiskt är slang för pengar. Idag är dock användbarheten 

General (2 matching dictionaries) We are currently able to locate over 450 Skrill negative reviews on this and other websites, many of which accuse the company of being a scam or a ripoff Skrill (, rates as a substandard payment processor according to our criteria. The company's overall rating suffers from a high complaint volume Learn more in this Skrill review. Skrill = Money. Bread = money. CID = acid. E, XTC = ecstasy.

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MONEY; CARS; DRUGS. COCAINE; LEAN; MARIJUANA; PILLS; CRIME; FIREARMS n. lots of money (See also skrilla.) The car cost some real fat skrill You can also add a definition of skrill yourself . 1: 4 3. skrill (slang) Money. ''I have to work overtime to make the skrill I need to buy that car.'' slang Money; cash.

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Drawing dead Skrill is short for skrilla, which is slang for money. The only thing that is different for the London based company is that they want their brand to emphasize flexibility, choice, and peace of mind. As the company continued to grow, they grew out of their original name as well.

spanska alla anvnder spelrelaterade, uttryck och slang pa sina casinosidor online casinos no deposit jackpot slots free online Skrill r en Digital planbok, 

Skrill slang

Shooter, heater, darts, boagie, boag, berg = cigarette. Ex. Let's pick up some heaters before the party Ex. Can I bum a boag? … Skrill is probably the biggest eWallet among poker and casino players because Skrill is an English slang word for money, although that would be news to most  Feb 24, 2013 Skrill, which owns the Moneybookers brand, is expected to be put on After changing its name to Skrill — slang for money — it has gone on to  Feb 10, 2021 The Advantages of Using E-Payment; Skrill; Neteller; Paypal In fact, the word " Skrill" is stands for "skrilla", a slang word that means money. Nov 16, 2010 A way that can only be called Skrill.” Err …. I wonder. Thanks to Bob Rains who points out that Skrilla is urban slang for money. Too bad the  Mar 19, 2021 Skrill allows users in some European countries to purchase comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web slang term for money.

Skrill slang

Robo-tripping = consuming cough syrup to get high. Tweaking = high on amphetamines. Wings = cocaine; heroin Bitpanda charge a fee of only 4% when using Skrill, which is reasonable in comparison to other sites that accept e-wallet payments. If you are going to be trading, Skrill is not recommended as it will lower your profit margins significantly, however, if you are looking to hold Bitcoin long term, this option is fine.
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Mar 19, 2021 Skrill allows users in some European countries to purchase comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web slang term for money. Among sports gamblers, beard is a slang term that refers to a person who places a wager on behalf of another in order to conceal the identity of the actual bettor. African American Slang - March 2015.

Also spelled: Skrill. Related: Skrill, Scrilla, Skrilla. What does Scrill mean?
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